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We are not mental health professionals, or doctors. If you think you may be suffering from depression, please go and see a doctor straight away for professional advice.

This site cannot take the place of advice from a medical professional, it was not intended to. Material is presented for informational purposes only.

Info about depression
How depression affects you, about anti-depressants and how to help a depressed friend, and info on bipolar disorder.

The Things People Say
Some of the things people say to depressed Christians are based on faulty assumptions.

How people live with depression.

Articles about Christianity and depression
A wide range of subjects from bodyart to spiritual abuse.

Bible Studies
Does the Bible say anything about depression? In-depth studies of people and events in Scripture.

Questions about Christianity and depression
Answers to some questions.

Reading to inform, educate and build your faith.

Other web sites that provide information about depression and Christianity.

About us and this site
Who runs the CDP, what we believe, site history.

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions we've been asked about the site.